If you have landed on my website, you have probably been struggling with difficult feelings for a while.

In order to help flatten the curve of Covid19 infection, I will be offering sessions through a secure videoconferencing platform that is very easy to use. We can also talk on the phone.

Using EMDR has been equally effective online as in person.

Life can sometimes just wear us down, leaving us anxious or depressed. Maybe you’ve already tried different things to make yourself feel better; you might have talked to friends, kept yourself busy with work or even read some self-help books. But, still you might feel unable to shake the feeling that things aren’t right and are not sure how you can make positive change happen in your life.

I have been doing this work since 1990 and have a lot of experience and a passion for learning. I have trained extensively in order to help people in ways that are the most beneficial. My intention is to listen carefully to your story, ask a lot of questions and come up with a plan for you in the first session. In my practice I use an approach grounded in the theory of attachment. I see attachment as the thread that runs through all the other issues I talk about on this website. If you resonate with my approach, we can begin treatment together, fine-tuning, collaborating and crafting an approach that is right for you and your situation.

If you’re currently experiencing anxiety or depression, you should be able to see signs of it lessening fairly soon with the help of therapy. If you’re experiencing conflict in your relationship,  you can begin to understand that fights are not really about missing toothpaste caps or household chores, but have more to do with old pain from your family or wounds from your significant other.  If you’re a single person wondering why you’re still without a long-term partner, we can look at patterns and begin to shed light on issues that may be standing in your way of having a fulfilling relationship.

I also work with clients who have experienced childhood trauma through abuse or neglect. For these clients therapy is potentially life altering. In sessions we’ll create a safe place in which you can begin to open up about the past and heal wounds left behind by what happened. You can utilize techniques like EMDR to heal from past traumas and begin to change the old negative stories that made sense to a child but no longer work for the adult. Some clients have described this process as coming in with a ball of knotted-up string stuck inside them that begins to unravel over time.

The work starts by saying I need someone to talk to and ends in a whole new sense of understanding. The clouds begin to part, allowing a bit of sun to shine through. You might even notice yourself in a new and more interesting light and can’t wait to come back and share it with me. I will share in your new sense of joy and excitement as you begin to discover that there’s more to life than just surviving. My hope is that you will leave with a newfound sense of yourself and a renewed belief in what is possible.

I truly believe that positive change is possible for most clients. With the help of a compassionate, supportive, empathic therapist, you can learn new tools and skills like mindfulness to help you feel more regulated in stressful situations. The latest brain research shows that our brains can continue to grow and integrate themselves through the kinds of interactions that happen in therapy, resulting in a more authentic, resilient sense of self. Please call me at 503-380-8586 for a no-obligation chat so we can decide if I’m the right therapist for you.