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Life can sometimes just wear us down, leaving us anxious or depressed. Maybe you’ve already tried different things to make yourself feel better; you might have talked to friends, kept yourself busy with work or even read some self-help books. But, still you might feel unable to shake the feeling that things aren’t right and are not sure how you can make positive change happen in your life.

I have been doing this work since 1990 and have a lot of experience and a passion for learning. I have trained extensively in order to help people in ways that are the most beneficial.

The work starts by saying I need someone to talk to and ends in a whole new sense of understanding. The clouds begin to part, allowing a bit of sun to shine through. You might even notice yourself in a new and more interesting light and can’t wait to come back and share it with me. I will share in your new sense of joy and excitement as you begin to discover that there’s more to life than just surviving. My hope is that you will leave with a newfound sense of yourself and a renewed belief in what is possible.

In order to help flatten the curve of Covid19 infection, I will be offering sessions through a secure videoconferencing platform that is very easy to use.  We can also talk on the phone.

“Marla is a wonderful therapist with a deep commitment to figuring out what patients really need from her and providing it with respect, candor and compassion.  She is smart, skillful, authentic, open-minded and open-hearted and these qualities inform her ability to provide excellent help to those fortunate enough to work with her.”

Benjamin Lipton, LCSW, AEDP Institute

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